Founder & Project Manager


I have always been the girl with a thousand and one projects. From the age of eleven, I was distributing my business cards to offer my babysitting services, and I quickly became responsible for more than 30 children throughout my adolescence.

Dreaming of a creative profession, I chose to study in Business Management and Business Administration, with a specialization in marketing, in order to open several doors for myself.

Over the course of my professional years, I have learned that creativity is not confined to a single field; it is everywhere! Whether in developing business strategies, conquering new markets, developing marketing campaigns, or managing client and partner relationships, creativity is an essential component. It is the engine that enables the finding of innovative and effective solutions to complex challenges.

My professional journey has led me to explore the contrasting worlds of B2C and B2B, corporations, and non-profit organizations. I have skillfully navigated the specific dynamics of each sector, acquiring the ability to now support our clients with diverse structures.

Pacific Québec Creative Team

When you choose to work with us, you benefit from the opportunity to obtain a tailored service, ranging from business development and marketing strategy to the mobilization of various experts and members of our team and consultants partners for the implementation of theses strategies.

Because, after all, there is nothing more frustrating than being handed a marketing plan without knowing where to start.

 Depending on your level of confidence in the field and your existing team, we are able to offer you a service that is perfectly tailored to your reality.


Operations Manager

& technological projects


Projects Coordinator

Business Development
& Marketing

Annie & Anne-Marie

Graphic Designer Team

Branding, marketing campaigns, packaging

Audrey & Coleen

Content Creators Team

Social Medias, SEO Copywritting


Digital Advertising
Campaign & SEO Expert

Google Ads Certified

Claudio & Kim

Translators Team

& content adaptation

- French to English
- English to French

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Our mission

Our primary mission is to support Canadian Francophone businesses in French in their expansion into their current market or new markets, by offering them customized solutions and expert advice.

Our vision

Our vision is to become a leader in business development and marketing services for francophone businesses in Canada that wish to expand into the English-speaking Canadian markets.


Our core values

We believe that creativity, collaboration, and innovation are essential values for a healthy and prosperous corporate culture, We also place great important on respecting the fundamental values of integrity and respect in all our relationships, whether with our clients, our partners, or our community.

Futhermore, we are proud to contribute to the promotion of the French language and culture in Western Canada, and we believe that this is an integral part of our identity as a company.